Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

From an auditorium in an elegant 1928 Renaissance Revival building to a board room in the historic meeting house, the library offers a variety of meeting rooms for public use. With an average of 14,000 visits to the library’s meeting rooms each year, we are proud to offer this space to the public. Meeting rooms for small groups are available in the meeting house, McGrady-Brockman House, and the Bloebaum-Fuller Outreach Building. Meeting space, for a maximum of 190 people, is available in the Fortnightly auditorium mentioned above. For more information, please contact Emily Bunyan at or 812-886-4380.

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Regulations for Use of the Meeting Rooms

General Statement
The Knox County Public Library located at 502 N. 7th Street in Vincennes has available for the public, a complex of meeting rooms in the library’s Bloebaum-Fuller Outreach (It’s located across 7th Street from the library and the address is 509 N. 7th Street) and the Meeting House (located at 521 N 6th Street). There are twelve parking spots located directly behind the Outreach. The parking lot is accessible from Hart Street and Seminary Street. Parking for the Meeting House is directly behind the house and at the Library.

First Priority
– The first priority for use of the meeting rooms is given to Library related or sponsored programs and activities.

Second Priority
– The second priority is given to the community on as open a basis as possible. This is accomplished through the application of fair and non-discriminatory rules.

Third Priority
– The third priority for the use of the meeting rooms is given to non-profit groups and organizations. This prohibits a display or promotion of goods and/or services to potential customers, even if the sale of such would be deferred and even if sales could not definitely be proven to result from said meeting. The only exception to this rule is for library-sponsored activities at which authors may display and sell books, which they have written. This also prohibits a meeting conducted primarily to recruit people. This does not prohibit sales/staff training. For example, a company (or a supervisor/manager) may reserve the room(s) for the training of employees. This training may or may not involve a display of goods or services. Advertising such training meetings in the public media is prohibited.

Seating Arrangements
– The maximum seating capacity for the Outreach is 92 persons. The complex may be divided into three rooms. Nolting Rooms hold a maximum of 65 persons, and when the room partition (divider) is used the two rooms can hold 25 persons each. Room C in the back part of the building has a capacity of 16. The Meeting House has two rooms with a capacity of 14 each, one room with a capacity of 4, and a computer lab room with a capacity of 10.

The use of Library meeting rooms by any citizen or group does not imply any endorsement by the library of the person’s or groups opinions or activites.

Rental Fee
– No rental fee will be charged except to inviduals or groups conducting gatherings of a personal nature such as birthday parties, wedding and baby showers, and bereavement dinners. Individuals and groups conducting these types of events will be required to pay a non-refundable $50.00 fee and a refundable $50.00 desposit for use of the room(s). The fee and deposit must be paid in cash. After the room(s) are used for these purposes, they will be inspected by library staff. If the rooms are found to be clean and in order, the $50.00 deposit will be refunded.

– For the purpose of providing equal opportunities to groups wishing to use the facilities, reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis while abiding by the priorities described in the General Statement. Reservations may not be made for more than a year in advance. No single group will be scheduled for more than 52 meetings in a twelve-month period.
– Reservations may be made in person or by telephone with the Library’s meeting room coordinator. They must be made and the meeting room request form signed by an adult who is a registered borrower of the Knox County Public Library. A Room Use Request Form must be filled with library personnel.

Room Use Form
– After any meeting or activity, the organizer must fill out a “Room Use” form, stating the number of participants.

– Rooms are available for use only during the hours the library is open.

1. Light refreshments may be served; coffee, soft drinks, and snacks may be taken into the rooms. “Brown bag” lunches may be conducted as well as professionally catered meals. The group must bring its own food, beverages, all dishes and cutlery and equipment for use in preparing the refreshments.
2. The meeting rooms must be left clean and in order.
3. Trash and garbage generated by the group must be removed from the premises and not left in the building’s wastebaskets or trash cans.

1. Smoking or use of tobacco in any form is not allowed in the two buildings.
2. Consumption of alcohol or use of illegal drugs is not allowed at the two buildings.
3. Library property may not be used for illegal or immoral activities.

Potential Damage
– The Library reserves the right to refuse the use of its meeting rooms for activities or projects that appear likely to damage the rooms or their furnishings.

Financial Responsibility
– The sponsor or organizer of a meeting or activity agrees to be financially responsible for any damages to Library property that occurs as a result of their activity or that are caused by its participants; and for any extraordinary cleaning that may result from the activity.

Termination of Privileges
– Abuse in the use of meeting rooms, such as disorderly conduct, leaving the room in disarray, failing to use it when scheduled, failure to secure locks on exterior doors, may bar the group from using the rooms again.

– Groups of children may use the Library meeting rooms if they are supervised by adults.