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Knox County Literacy Program
The Knox County Literacy Program provides help to adults who wish to learn to read, or to improve their reading skills. The assistance and materials of this library sponsored program are free of charge. Trained tutors are matched with adults who seek assistance.

For more information about the literacy program, phone Literacy Coordinator Judy Kratzner at (812) 886-4380 ext. 34.

What do you want to accomplish in the New Year? Will reading a book help you reach your goal, keep your resolution, or complete your project? The New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge starts January 12 and goes through February 20. Start the year off right by reading books that support your goals, resolutions, and projects.
Whether you want to write a novel, start a new career, or be happier, there are books to aid you in your quest. The New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge is to read one to four books that will stimulate action toward your goals. Here are the levels:
Resolved: 1 book
Determined: 2 books
Committed: 3 books
Passionate: 4 books
The books can all support the same resolution — you could read four books on getting organized, for example. Or read four books to help with four different projects — one book on moving to a foreign country, one book on health and fitness, one book on small business, and one book on knitting (on your way to becoming a healthy expat entrepreneur with great scarves).
To sign up for the Winter Reading Program pick up a registration flyer at the circulation desk. All registrants receive a chicken soup packet to lift their spirits. For every three hours you read or listen to tapes, fill out a reading record and turn it in for weekly prizes and the grand prize of a $50 gift certificate.
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